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Welcome to 1roomstudio

Welcome to 1roomstudio

Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Producer


Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Producer

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Mark Ames has been writing and singing songs since the 70’s. He plays guitar, flute, piano and composes in a wide variety of Genres. He has composed for Choral, Orchestral, Soundscapes, String Trios and various ensembles including Electronica, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Folk.

Recent focus has been on mixing live instruments with electronic and studio techniques. Also working on inputting various compositions written in the past into Sebelius and resurrecting old analog tape recordings for source material.

Educated at Pierce Community College, Moorpark Community College, and California State, Northridge; majored in Composition and Theory with Guitar as Major Instrument. Also took all the classes available for Electronic Music or Music in the Studio.

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Do you need a songwriter or composer?

As an experienced Singer-Songwriter and Composer we can discuss ideas for your musical needs, develop them together and produce the final score, arrangement or recording.

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